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Let’s make the world look so Dutz!

Dutz Eyewear, with its hometown in Oss,  the Netherlands, is Holland’s boldest Eyewear brand. Founded in 2005, the company has developed into a successful business with a global network of 25 distributors. The Dutz philosophy is that “buying a frame should be fun”.

Collection DUTZ

We love simple details. Pure and contemporary lines, vibrant colours; the natural beauty of the eues are fully revealed through the clean-cut design of the frames. A good balance between striking but commercial, matching the current trends, that is what DUTZ is all about!

Collection DUTZ TITANZ

Powerful and colourful, yet elegant and subtle: that’s what DUTZ Titanz stands for. This collection focuses on classic modern and timeless shapes in fashionable colours. Dutz design combined with superior Japanese titanium and a unique hinge system. The result is as light as a feather, has a perfect fit and gives its wearers an assertive look.

In-house design & quality supervision

We design our own eyewear and control the entire process, from design to production of the components. This results in a high quality collection of frames that are comfortable and look and feel good on any face. By using allergy-friendly and solid stainless steel materials, Dutz’s frame design achieves durability.

Everybody can be so Dutz!

The Dutz collection targets men & women of all ages. Dutz has paid special attention to those with large and small faces who have difficulty finding a frame that fits. Meeting the needs of those that require a larger or smaller size, yet do not want to compromise on design.

Dutz Designer Frames
Dutz Designer Frames
Dutz Designer Frames
Dutz Designer Frames
What We Say
Expert Opinion

What we say

Dutz are one of the more quirkier of our collections. They have a very strong ‘European’ styling which is becoming more and more fashionable in the UK. If you are looking for something a bit different, then Dutz is for you.

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