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At the Richard Tildesley Practice, we supply lenses to suit all budgets and lifestyles. We can supply with anti-glare, scratch resistant, photochromic, progressive, high index and driving lenses!

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic lenses react to UV light (sunlight).  They are clear indoors and darken when exposed to UV light which means you don’t have to switch between everyday glasses and sunglasses.

Progressive lenses

These lenses are suitable for presbyopia.  They allow you to see clearly over a range of distances without having to switch glasses.  They have the benefit over bifocals, as there is no visible line across the lens.

What our Customers say

Very happy. Everyone here is very professional and helpful, with a real focus on customer satisfaction. Quick work too. Can’t fault them.

Mr T. Jan 2017

Driving Lenses

These are made from a new material specifically developed for night time driving.  They avoid glare from oncoming vehicles.

High Index Lenses

These lenses are thinner and flatter than standard lenses.  They allow patients with very high prescriptions to avoid wearing very thick and heavy lenses.

Anti-reflection coating

This is a thin optical coating that cuts down on reflections from the back and front surfaces of the lens.  This means more light passes through your lens, reducing glare, leading to better vision, and makes the glasses more attractive by making the lens more ‘invisible’.

Scratch resistant coating

No lenses are completely scratch proof, but a scratch resistant coating will protect your lenses from minor scratches that may be caused by dropping your glasses, or cleaning them with a rough material.

Harmful Light protection

UV and blue-violet light are present in the sun’s rays, but also in smaller amounts in artificial light sources such as LEDs and digital screens.  Over time, these light sources can contribute to ageing of the eye.  Harmful light protection lenses filter out some of these potentially damaging rays.



Our most popular lens supplier at the Richard Tildesley Practice, Essilor was formed in 1972 with the amalgamation of two French Companies Essel and Silor. Globally Essilor operates in around 100 countries, and employs around 400 people in the UK and developed some of the worlds most up-to-date lens surfacing equipment. Essilor is world famous for the Varilux lens, the world’s first varifocal, which was invented in 1959. Around a total of 300 million people around the world wear or have worn Varilux lenses, with a new wearer every three seconds.  The Richard Tildesley Practice is a Varilux Specialist Supplier for Essilor lenses.


Vision plays an important role in how we experience life. It allows us to perceive our environment and makes it possible to quickly make clear decisions. When visual acuity is limited, we miss out on the important moments in life. Using its extensive optical expertise to improve vision – ZEISS stands for quality of life.

Over 200 million people all over the world wear ZEISS spectacle lenses – and every second of every day, two more people decide to purchase lenses from ZEISS. The ZEISS brand is synonymous with better vision: from diagnostic and dispensing instruments, to finished spectacle lenses – the company aims to provide maximum visual comfort for the wearer at all times. ZEISS develops and produces technologically advanced eye care solutions, and as a leading manufacturer in optics, combines ophthalmic expertise with the power of an internationally recognised brand.

ZEISS lenses are developed to meet your visual lifestyle needs, from individually customised progressive lenses to lenses enhanced for driving, you can find out about our latest products on our website – www.zeiss.co.uk/vision-care

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