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ProDesign Denmark

ProDesign Denmark

ProDesign was founded in Aarhus, Denmark. Today, ProDesign is a dynamic design company with more than 40 years of experience in the eyewear business.

When we create new concepts, we focus on maintaining close ties between functionality and visual expression and remain true to our Danish design heritage.

Prodesign has carried on this tradition with the same Nordic values, designing comfortable eyewear with superior craftsmanship. We always have and continue to encompass the perfect balance of form and function into each design we create.

Each model in our new collection possesses its own characteristic expression. Be inspired and experience our broad range of minimalistic inspirations, graceful shapes and vibrant colours.

The Danish Heritage Collection

For many years, we have designed appealing eyewear that is comfortable to wear. We stay true to our Danish origin with a clean and functional design based on good craftsmanship.

The Axiom Collection

As part of our core collection, the Axiom frames are made to be innovative and functional. They have been developed with flawless high precision and fine craftsmanship. With sporty references and a focus on flexibility, this is the collection for the modern and active male.

The Essential Collection

Our core collection comes with updated designs this season. The new masculine and feminine models are both bold and minimalistic, with details that give them character and distinctive, slightly oversized shapes.

By using beautiful vivid colours, special hinges and unique details, we make the ProDesign frames truly special. Our designs originate in drawings based on real portraits, resulting in great comfort and perfect fit.

  • ProDesign is quality in every step.
  • Innovative design process to ensure great fit.
  • Inspired by global trends and colours.
  • Made with craftsmanship in all steps of the production.
  • Assembled by hand.
  • CE labelled – tested for allergens, colour stability, resistance to sweat, cosmetics, chemicals etc.
ProDesign Denmark Designer Frames
ProDesign Denmark Designer Frames
ProDesign Denmark Designer Frames
What We Say
Expert Opinion

What we say

The Richard Tildesley Practice has stocked Prodesign frames for many years now and has found them to be a reliable and popular choice of frame. The designs are typically understated Danish styling but never boring due to the beautiful colours and material finishes. The build quality is excellent as and the frames last for many years. They are extremely comfortable and need very little adjustment to fit beautifully.

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