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Oliver Goldsmith

Oliver Goldsmith
Established in 1926, this is the story of one family’s mission to change the way we see the world through eyewear design and innovation.

Oliver Goldsmith is a British heritage brand with nearly 100 years of experience. With four generations of knowledge behind them, they continue to make some of the most beautiful eyewear in the world. Eyewear that pushes the boundaries of expectation, self-expression and individuality.

Whilst tradition is vitally important to Oliver goldsmith, they are also a 21st century brand and the developments in modern manufacturing and lens quality allow them to offer the best of both. The frames demonstrate the perfect synergy of old manufacturing techniques and new, advanced materials.

Oliver Goldsmith largely work with artisans from family owned and operated factories. Their expertise and experience allow them to use many traditional techniques, methods that have been proven to provide the most hard-wearing and robust frames.

Oliver Goldsmith Designer Frames
Oliver Goldsmith Designer Frames
Oliver Goldsmith Designer Frames
Woodys Designer Frames
Woodys Designer Frames
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What we say

The heritage collection has been extremely well received here at The Richard Tildesley Practice. We have frames based on the timeless iconic looks of Sofia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Peter Sellers, and even Ronnie Barker! They have been given a modern twist by playing with acetate colours and finishes and are a playful and fun new collection for us.

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