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Your vision is a precious gift. Speak to us if you need expert, unbiased advice on safety eyewear for the home, work or sporting activities.

We stock a large, stylish range of prescription sports goggles, prescription swimming goggles, prescription safety glasses, and electronic magnifiers.

Don’t take any chances with your sight; get in touch with us to see how we can help protect it with our extensive range of the highest quality safety eyewear.

Prescription Sports Goggles

The Richard Tildesley Practice can supply Prescription Sports goggles for squash and other racket sports. Squash can be particularly dangerous for the eyes as the squash ball is almost equal in size to the eye’s orbit. We recommend that all squash players should wear eye protection. There are specifically designed goggles for squash use which are fitted with the most efficient impact resistant lenses. These can be made up with lenses to match your spectacle prescription.

prescription swimming goggles

The Richard Tildesley Practice can supply prescription swimming goggles which will not only protected your eyes from salt and chlorinated water, but correct your vision at the same time.   If you normally wear specs or contact lenses, you will find that prescription goggles can help you.

Prescription safety glasses

The Richard Tildesley Practice can supply prescription safety glasses for home and work.  There are Health & Safety laws to ensure that you are safe and protected when doing your job. All safety specs and goggles must comply with British and European Standards, and there are different types of protection depending on the job you do. Some safety specs will stand up to impact while others are designed to resist heat, for example. The cost of safety glasses required for work should be covered by your employer.

Electronic magnifiers

The Richard Tildesley practice can supply Electronic magnifiers to those patients who are finding they need extra help with seeing.  These state of the art magnifiers create a digital image of the reading material to allow the reader to adjust text magnification and colour contrast at the touch of a button.

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