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Children’s Eye Health

Children's Eye Health

A recent study part-funded by the College of Optometrists shows that 16.4% of children in Britain are myopic (short-sighted) these days, as opposed to 7.2% in the 1960s.

Other potential problems are long-sightedness, astigmatism, lazy eye and squints. It is vital to be aware of family history such as myopia, needing strong glasses, squints or lazy eye.

If there is a family history, testing a child’s eyesight from the age of three is recommended. However, if there is no history, then the recommended age is four or five.

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What you need to know

Eye examinations for Children

There is more to a child’s eye examination than checking for 20:20 vision

We all want the best for our children and good vision is vital for their physical and educational development. Most children have healthy eyes, but a few are born with eye diseases or disorders that may not be obvious.

Early detection means that treatment can be given to protect your child’s sight and overall wellbeing.

We are committed to the highest standards of eye care and would like your child to have the opportunity to have an optomap retinal image.

The optomap captures over 80% of the retina in one image compared to conventional examination methods which typically show up to 15% in one view.

This exam technique was developed by a father whose child lost the sight in one eye due to an undetected retinal detachment.

Further information about this scan can be found on

Myopia Management for Children in Chichester

Children under 16 & Students

Children under 16, and full time students under the age of 19, are entitled to free eye tests on the NHS. In addition, the partial or even total cost of glasses is covered under the NHS voucher system.

Our extensive range of children’s frames cater for all budgets and all carry a minimum of 1 year warranty. However, we can also carry out adjustments and repairs as young children often damage glasses with day to day use.

Our optometrists are experienced in assessing and treating the conditions that can lead to childhood referrals for learning difficulties, such as binocular instability and visual stress.

Children’s eyes

Children’s eyes are particularly sensitive to UV damage. The Richard Tildesley Practice can also supply plain and prescription sunglasses for children. So, why not book your child in for an appointment and check that they are seeing as well as they possibly can for reading, school, and leisure? Not only will a sight test ensure they have the best vision possible, but will check general eye health for peace of mind.

Children's Eye Tests

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