Sight tests do more than give you clearer vision

Most of us will make a visit to an optician if our sight changes and we can no longer see as well as we used to. But, did you know that an eye examination is so much more than just providing a prescription for your glasses?

One patient’s story

One of our patients has volunteered to share his story. He came to us at The Richard Tildesley Practice Chichester, about a year and a half ago for his regular sight test. He was not experiencing any particular problems with his sight but mentioned to his Optometrist, Fiona Broome, that there was a small blank patch in his right eye. We performed a peripheral field of vision test which confirmed there was a loss in vision in the patient’s right eye.

Following a referral to St Richard’s hospital, and several MRI scans, there was found to be a benign tumour about the size of a hen’s egg on the patient’s pituitary gland. This tumour had started to press on his optic nerve which had in turn started to cause localised sight loss. Luckily, as the patient had had this tumour detected by attending his regular eye test, this tumour has now been treated and is nearly completely gone. At his most recent appointment, we have seen that there is still some very minor sight loss, but he told us that if he hadn’t had his tumour diagnosed, he would have completely and permanently lost the sight in his right eye.

Typical tumour pressing on the optical nerve

Having had this experience, our patient was very keen to make people aware that a regular sight test is extremely important – even if you do not think you need any sight correction. The eye examination you receive will of course ensure you have the best vision possible. However it can also detect eye related diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration and importantly it can also pick up general health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and rarely, as in this case, some tumours.
If you are over 60 you can be seen as an NHS patient, so there is no charge. So why not book a sight test with us at The Richard Tildesley Practice Chichester for your vision, and a systemic health check at the same time!

An OCT scan showing symptoms of diabetes

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