Night Driving – See clearly, drive safely this winter

Good vision is crucial to safe winter driving. With Essilor RoadPilot and RoadPilot Varilux Lenses for night driving, paired with Crizal Drive anti-reflective coating, you can cut glare the from low sun and headlights.

Now that the evenings are drawing in, we spend more time driving in low, bright sunshine, or in the dark. For many of us, this causes problems with reflections and glare on our glasses from streetlights, road signs and especially headlights. This can lead to discomfort and lower visual acuity, and even a loss of confidence or safety when driving at night. If so, you are not alone as an estimated 17 million drivers in the UK struggle to see at night.

As an Essilor Varilux specialist supplier in Chichester, the Richard Tildesley Practice can offer a range of single vision and varifocal lenses that have been developed specifically to provide a solution to night time driving.

Lenses great for Night Driving

RoadPilot and Varilux RoadPilot

  • Up to 90% less reflections at night, leading to a decrease in glare
  • Optimal clarity of vision during the day and night
  • A larger, more enhanced field of vision for varifocal wearers
  • Complete protection against scratches, smudges, dust, water, harmful UV and blue-violet light

In addition, The Richard Tildesley Practice Chichester can supply a range of Essilor photochromic and polarising lenses which provide safety and more comfortable vision when behind the wheel in a range of conditions, including bright low sunshine and in the dark.

Lenses Great for General Driving

Xperio Polarising

Essilor Driving LensesXperio Polarising lenses are ideal for driving, sports and other outdoor activities, and for people with light sensitivity.

  • Eliminate glare
  • Enhance colour and contrast
  • Protect the eyes from damaging UV rays.

Transitions XTRActive

Ideal for active outdoor lifestyles and those who drive frequently.

  • Extra dark in bright sunlight and hotter climates
  • Moderate activation inside a car
  • A hint of tint protects eyes from harsh indoor light

To find out more about these lenses, and other Essilor products supplied by The Richard Tildesley Practice Chichester, please see Essilor Lenses for Driving or Lenses supplied by The Richard Tildesley Practice

For safety tips for driving at night Night Driving Safety Information

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