Myopia Control

Progression of short sight (myopia) in children is a recognised phenomenon that is not fully understood.

However, extensive recent research all over the world (particularly in Asia where myopia is very prevalent) now suggests there are strategies and treatments available to reduce myopia progression.

Here are the key points:

Myopia is principally genetic with an approximate increase in incidence of 30% for each myopic parent.

Reducing the amount of myopia is important because, apart from the inconvenience of a high prescription, myopes are considerably more at risk of retinal problems such as retinal detachments and other eye conditions such as Glaucoma.

Stopping myopia progression is not yet possible but significant reduction progression of 30-70% has frequently been demonstrated in a variety of reliable studies.

The main interventions are

Spending time outdoors

There is now good evidence that time spent outdoors (not necessarily doing physical activity) of around 90 minutes a day is beneficial in slowing down myopia progression.

Defocussing peripheral vision with

Soft multifocal lenses designed for this purpose or

Orthokeratology – rigid contact lenses that change the corneal curvature by moulding the cornea.

Atropine eye drop therapy (not currently licenced in the UK)


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